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My Personal Blog

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Aman, currently working as an independent contract developer and a part-time technical writer. I've been working as a professional with various web and mobile technologies such as Node.js, React, React Native and Expo.

I love contributing in open-source as much as my knowledge allows me to. Back in 2018 I made my first open-source contribution by writing a Twitter Bot (the original one) in Node.js for freeCodeCamp and #100DaysOfCode campaign which in recent years has gained a lot of attention (100k+ followers) among people who are getting into web development.

Over the years I've made some contributions to some projects and organizations such as Node.js, Gatsbyjs and freeCodeCamp both as a contributor and maintainer. In past, I've been awarded among Top 200 Open Source Contributors by freeCodeCamp.org in 2018.

When I am not writing code or working on a blog post, I'm probably spending my time either reading a book or traveling.

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