# 11: Six new posts this month

👋 Hello, dev!

It has been a month since you read the last newsletter. Since I last posted, there’s been a lot going on!

But, honestly, did you miss me?

Right now, I have got a lot to share.

✍️ New Posts

🚀 How To Integrate Firebase Authentication With an Expo App

Published an up-to-date tutorial on how to integrate authentication using Firebase JS SDK and Expo. It’s a topic that has been requested more than once in the past few months.

In a nutshell, here is what the tutorial covers:

  • using environment variables with expo-constants package;

  • create sample screens to display forms (login, sign-up);

  • create a home screen that only a logged-in user can access;

  • create different navigators using the react-navigation library;

  • create an auth flow by conditionally rendering between these navigators when a user is logged in or not;

  • and integrate Firebase Auth with the email/password method.

👉 Read the complete post here.

🚀 The No-Code Way of Payments with Stripe: A Brief Guide

Stripe launched a new way to accept payments via Payment Links recently. It's a big deal for many use-cases. After trying to figure out how to support payments for offline goods and services in an Expo app using managed workflow, I got to know about it. Yes, that might sound like a niche use case. But Stripe's no-code way to enable payments in an app goes beyond that.

👉 Read the complete post here.

👉 Plug: How would Stripe Payment Links work with a No-Code platform? (Using Draftbit, of course!)

🚀 Other posts:

✨ Things I found interesting and exciting

  • Nativebase 3.0 is 🔥. I am impressed by the UI/UX components they have come out with.

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