#10 First 3 months as a Developer Advocate

👋 Hello dev!

This is the 10th newsletter in this year 🥳 Thank you for staying by 🙏

I’ve a new post to share with you this week.

🌱 Life at Draftbit - First 3 Months as a Developer Advocate

Providing a value is vital and it is with this mindset I try to approach things. Working as a Developer Advocate, I get to do it more often and it is fun!

It has been 3 months since I joined Draftbit. It feels like I’ve been on a journey. I was initially hired as a tech writer but the role eventually evolved (within a month) into Developer Advocate 🥑.

In this post I share about what I do, a few resources that helped me get started or understand more about the role and its prospects, some thoughts on work and challenges that comes with it.

P.S.: Currently Draftbit is hiring a Tech Writer. You get to work with me on awesome stuff.

If this does not interest you, that’s okay, look out for more upcoming roles.