2 new React Native tutorials

Hello 👋 dev,

Two months already gone from this year 😬 I am feeling less productive but trying to hang on. You too stray strong 💪

This week I managed to publish two posts. Here they are:

⚡️React Native component libraries you should know in 2020
It's 2020 and there are many viable and ready to use UI components from different libraries in React Native world. In this post, I try to cover the one I have used in the past one year, something new, some exceptional features of a particular library and things like which library supports Expo SDK or not.

⚡️Implement Google Login in React Native with Firebase
Login with Google is a convenient way to allow users to register and authenticate into your React Native app. It reduces friction in the onboarding flow, and therefore it maximizes user growth. Firebase provides a seamless experience of adding Google Login into any React Native app with almost no effort. In this React Native tutorial, we are going to implement Login with Google in React Native with Firebase.

Key points this tutorial covers:
- How to use @react-native-community/react-native-google-signin package
- Use react-native-firebase v6 (latest version)
- Implement Authentication flow (since Switch navigator has been deprecated) with react-navigation v5

📖 What am I reading?

I recently finished reading Flavio Copes' The Developer's Guide to Creating a Successful Blog which I would say is precisely written as well as some one who is looking to start in tech blogging or have recently started, the book does offer insight from Flavio's own experience and workflow.

🚨Lastly, an important announcement.

Earlier today, I released a new version of my blog that now supports search functionality. Thanks to Monica for her blog post here.

For those who prefer not to read my blog posts on third party websites, and this is has been request for quite some time. Well, I hope you have a better reading experience now. If you'd like to visit, here is my new blog/portfolio website: amanhimself.dev

✌️Happy coding

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