2 new React Native tutorials

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Happy Wednesday!

This week I don't much to say except that I have published two new tutorials.

⚡️Chat app with React Native (part 4): A guide to create Chat UI Screens with react-native-gifted-chat
Continuing our journey of building a simple chat app with React Native ad Firebase backend service, this week part 4 was published. In this post, you are going to learn how to quickly add chat UIs in a React Native app using an open source library called react-native-gifted-chat. It provides a minimal UI by default but let us take a step further and learn how to customize chat UI components provided by this OSS library to our own needs.

⚡️An in-depth guide on how to use React Native Image Picker
Another in-depth guide on using device's media gallery using community maintained module, react-native-image-picker. This module uses native UI to select a photo or a video from the mobile phone's library or the camera of that device. In this tutorial, let us start from basics on how to integrate this module for both iOS and Android platforms in a React Native app. Then proceed further to use this module by having a look at some of the common ways to solve different problems when developing an app.

That's all from me now.

💪 Stay safe, and strong, and happy coding!

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