#7 New posts this week

👋 Hello Dev and Happy Wednesday!

🔥 I’ve three new posts for you this week.

I recently started playing around with GraphQL stuff and went into creating a test API using Apollo Server and Node.js. One new thing I found was that Node.js versions above 14+ now supports import statement syntax (aka ES modules) just by adding a key “type” with a value of “module” in package.json.

I didn’t know this existed, as I’ve been out of touch with Node land for time. This enabled option now allows me to focus to use the same syntax as from the beloved React or React Native land.

In this post above, I’ve also described an alternate method using Babel compiler that I preferred over “.mjs” files before I found out about the option.

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I also published a post: Comprehensive guide to using Redux in React Native.

State management libraries like Redux exist to solve this issue. Redux provides a central location for all the states of an application where each component can access the values stored in the state. The “central place” is called a store in Redux terminology.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to manage state using Redux inside a React Native app. This article covers:

To understand these concepts better, the post walks you through a little example app in which a list of movie items is fetched from The Movie Database (TMDB API) and you can add a movie item to a list of favorites.

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Finally, published the third part in the series of creating an app from scratch using Draftbit. If you’ve been following this series, the third part will walk you through how to use navigation and route parameters in a Draftbit app (and create some good looking layouts with writing a piece of code 😎).

Draftbit uses the react-navigation library under the hood to let you implement different navigation patterns such as Stack, Tab, etc. A feature of this library allows us to pass data from one screen to another as parameters. The navigation library is what Draftbit utilizes such that developer experience is not compromised.

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👀 P.S.

We are hiring at Draftbit. If you know React Native and TypeScript, and are interested in helping us build and maintain Draftbit’s Jigsaw component library, hit me up at aman@draftbit.com

📚What am I Reading?

I recently finished reading Sam Julien’s Getting Started in Developer Relations and I love it 🤩

This book is like the best introduction I’ve found so far on Developer Relations and Advocacy. Sam concisely talks about what a Dev Rel/Advocacy role is about, the skillset, the mindset, and some red flags when seeking a role like this one. I highly recommend this book to anyone who getting started in such a role, seeking this kind of role as job opportunity, or mix it with your current role. I don’t give want to give away anything from this book. It’s that awesome!