#8 Custom Tab Bar in React Native apps

👋 Hello Dev and Happy Wednesday!

It has been some time. Sorry for not sending you the second newsletter in the month of April. It has been a hard one for me personally in some ways.

Since it’s a new month, I’ve a new React Native post to share this week.

⚛️ How to Create a Custom Tab Bar in React Native

React Navigation library is awesome enough to allow customizing a bottom Tab Bar using BottomTabBar component. In this post, we are going to create a simple bottom tab bar and then learn how to make it translucent using a Blur view.

➡️ Read complete post here!

🎤 React Native Nigeria Meetup on May 29

Shout out to Oluwatobi Shokunbi who has been kind enough to share details of an upcoming event for React Native devs on May 29th, 2021. I think it’s going to be delightful and personally, I will try to attend online. They rightly described that a lot has changed in the world of React Native and I am excited to the talks they are going to host this year.

They are hosting their first physical event this time. So if you are in Abuja, I highly recommend to go check it out here.

Also, don't forget to wear a mask 😷 if you are attending in person.

💻 Looking for a role in DevRel space?

DevRel.jobs is a job board for devs who are looking to switch to DevRel space either in Developer Relations, Evangelist, Advocate, Tech Writer etc. from reliable sources. One thing I like about this space is their passion behind building the community around DevRel space in general.