✨ New Posts on Reacjs and React Native

👋 Hi Dev,

Here is an update on all of the posts I've managed to publish in the past two weeks.

⚡️A guide to using React Router v6 in React apps
React Router v6 library is in beta and is coming out with some exciting features such as smaller bundler size, object based routing and so on. It is going to be a collaboration of good parts from previous versions of React Router and Reach Router library. I recently published a tutorial on how to set up and configure routes with React Router v6 in React apps as well as a dive into handling nested routes.

⚡️How to create forms with Chakra UI in React apps
This post covers how to create, and configure forms using Charkra UI in React web applications. The post cover topics like:
- Add password show/hide functionality
- Toggling between light and dark mode themes using Chakra UI's design system and ThemeProvider
- Shorthand style props used in Chakra UI

⚡️The Complete Guide to Layout in Draftbit using React Native FlexBox
Last week, I finally got to play with Draftbit and it's such a great tool to build layouts in React Native apps. To show, how the Flexbox algorithm works with Draftbit and how it is not different from what we are used to in React Native. I wrote a post on how to achieve most of the common Flexbox layout patterns.

That's it for this week.
Happy coding!


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