📝 New React Native posts and more

👋 Hi Dev,

Last month have been tough one for me in terms of writing and publishing new posts and sending out the newsletter to you. Though, since the last letter, I did manage to publish three new posts and thought you might like to check them out. Since it's a beginning of a new month, I though why not start afresh.

📝 Add a Search Bar Using Hooks and FlatList in React Native
In this post I discuss the use cases on using FlatList component in a React Native app by building a small example of adding a search bar and filtering data based on the query. The example is based on React Hooks, and also gives an overview using most common props for FlatList.

📝 How to use React Router and real time user monitoring in React apps
Last month I got the opportunity to try out Sematext whose one of the features is user monitoring in real-time. I decided to share my thoughts in form of a post on how to integrate such a tool in React app using React Router library from scratch. I found the integration part quite simple to adapt and their admin dashboard much more informative. If you are interested adding a monitoring tool in single-page applications or reading more about this, you should definitely check out this post.

📝 Building a React Native App with AWS Amplify with Custom Authentication
Amplify as a framework is a great bridge to access AWS services in a React Native app. The post covers two different aspects to build and authenticate a user with AWS Cognito user pool. It describes all the steps in order to set up and integrate Amplify framework in React Native app using the latest Expo SDK. It then goes in detail to build custom authentication screens and using the Auth module from Amplify and managing the authentication flow with react-navigation.

✨ Recently, I migrated by blog from Gatsby to Next.js with MDX. I was looking for simplicity in terms of UI and minimalistic effort to manage a blog such that I can focus on writing more posts. If you want to check it out here is the link of the fresh looking blog: amanhimself.dev/blog.

Next.js definitely do have perks of being a React framework but when it comes to managing a blog using what tool to build, I think a personal preference plays an important role rather than mere pros and cons of each framework. I've been using Gatsby since last year and moving to Next.js was solely a personal decision to explore more about the framework.

Since we are talking about the blog, I'd love to hear what more you have to say. I am looking for ways to improve to provide better value. Thus, I created this short form to get to know what you'd like to be covered on the blog, in future. You don't have to fill the form if you don't want to. Though I'd highly appreciate to know what you are looking forward to. Except for responses, no other detail is being recorded.

Thank you for reading this letter, it has been a long one.

Until next time, stay healthy and happy coding!

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