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How are you this week? It's Wednesday, and have been some time since I published something.

Here's an update on all new React Native tutorials I wrote.

Styling the React Native way: Understand the differences between in Inline styles and StyleSheet object

I recently made few updates to a post I wrote back a long time ago (2019). In this post, you will find the major differences of using inline styles as compared to StyleSheet objects. What are React Native styles, one caveat of using inline style (as to where this approach does not work) and how to encapsulate styles in a React Native app.

How to add a custom calendar event in a native iOS app using React Native

Accessing a device’s calendar in a React Native app can be a bit tricky. Using open source modules like react-native-add-calendar-event is helpful when you’re looking to show a calendar inside a modal or manipulate calendar events (adding, editing, etc).

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to integrate an open source module (react-native-add-calendar-event) in a React Native app to create a custom calendar event add it to the device’s native calendar app.

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