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How are you finding lockdown? I know its a struggle for us, but we can really take advantage of this time for betterment and to develop skills.

First announcement I want to make for those who have subscribed this newsletter in sharpening their React Native skills or are new to React Native.

I am starting a new series on building a basic React Native Chat app with latest and commonly used libraries such as react-navigation, react-native-firebase (since for the backend and storage, we are going to use Firebase), react-native-gifted-chat, react-native-paper and few more. Last week, I released the first part:

⚡️Chat app with React Native (part 1): Build reusable UI form elements using react-native-paper
In part one of this tutorial series, you are going to build a navigation flow using the react-navigation library, set up a stack navigator, and learn how to use pre-defined UI components from react-navtive-paper to create re-usable custom form components.

And here is the second part which just came out.

⚡️Chat app with React Native (part 2): Firebase Email Authentication with react-native-firebase and react-navigation v5
In this tutorial, let’s start using a backend service to add real-time features to the chat app. For our backend services, I’m going to use Firebase. We’ll look at how to install and configure Firebase SDK in a React Native app with the help of react-native-firebase module, as well as set up and configure email authentication.

⚡️How to handle WebViews and Deep Linking in React Native & Expo apps
As a React Native developer, you may be asked to implement features like redirecting to a web page or a different app within your React Native app. This can be achieved by using two modules from the React Native API: WebViews and Linking. In this tutorial, let us dive deep on how to handle both in an Expo app.

⚡️Blogging tips after 3 years and a 100+ posts
The motivation behind this article is to share my thoughts on blogging since I have been asked too many times to provide some insight from my journey and why I think blogging can help you achieve your goals at a faster rate if you are willing to dip your toes. Find out more in this post about how I blog.

💪 Hope you have a constructive week ahead and stay strong!

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