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It's Wednesday and I have some React Native posts that I wrote to share with you this week.

⚡️Chat app with React Native Part 6
React Native + Firebase chat app series has come to an interesting end. In part 6, I leave you with a small but useful trick that can help you set the statusBar style for a particular screen dynamically using a hook called useFocusEffect. This hook is provided by react-navigation library.

⚡️Creating “Quarantine Pro” — A Fun Learning Experiment in React Native
Covid-19 changed our way of life since the start of 2020. To make these times a bit fun and this app might give you a chuckle or two. The complete app is build using Expo SDK and moreover, you are will see how to use latest Expo hooks to load fonts, use momentjs library in React Native app with react-native-datetime-picker-modal.

⚡️How to Use Formik and Context API to Build Crowdbotics React Native Apps with Firebase
Read this post if you want to get familiar with React's Context API, Formik and Yup to manage forms and validation with real-time backend Service using Firebase in a React Native app.

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