#4 New React Post

👋 Hello Dev!

This week I’ve managed to publish a post that I am excited about.

The top React table libraries to use in 2021

As a React developer, you may need to represent data in the form of a table but manually creating a table comes with the cost of spending time on styling it. Since React has a vast ecosystem, there are a lot of open-source libraries to choose from.

In this post, let’s compare the following table libraries by creating a minimal example using each in React. We’ll go through the key points such as installing them, configuration, pagination, etc.

  • material-table

  • react-bootstrap-table2

  • MUI-Datatables

  • react-virualized

  • React Table

➡️ Read the complete post here.


Last week, I made an announcement on joining Draftbit as a Tech Writer.

I am currently working on some exciting tutorials and REST API guides, aiming to help anyone who is using or wants to use Draftbit Builder to create React Native apps.
Currently Draftbit is in private beta and you can request to sign up a free account here.
If anything specific you’d like to see with Draftbit you can either leave a comment to the tweet above, or reply to this newsletter.

Also, on Fridays, we host live Office Hours on Draftbit’s YouTube channel where we showcase different stuff that you can do to using the builder and have a little Q/A at the end. You can subscribe the channel to get a reminder and plus a chance to hang out with me in the chat! 🙃

On GitHub this week

A GitHub repo I created last year has surpassed 200+ stars 🤩. This repository contains most of the examples I've used in blog posts on React Native and Expo.

I was not expecting so many devs would be interested in this kind of stuff. Guess, I’ll be adding more stuff and examples to the repo. I currently maintaining a README file for you to have an easy access of what’s going on in the repo and a list of most examples that are worth looking.

Links that are 🔥🔥🔥 this week

This is a new section that I am starting in the newsletter after a poll I did on Twitter which has exceptionally positive results:

Here is a list of interesting stuff I found in React Native & Expo land:

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That’s it from me for this week.

Until next one, take care and Happy coding! ✌️

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