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Here is an update on all of the posts I've managed to publish in the past two weeks.

⚡️Using TypeScript with Node.js and Express
Ease of development is great when you are building a server written in JavaScript using Node.js and Express. What happens when this application server scales or you are working in a team of developers all across the world? TypeScript can help. More in this post about how to set up a Node.js server side app with TypeScript along with using the utility like nodemon.

⚡️Build a REST API with Node.js and HarperDB
Using database as a service to prototype or quickly build an app can be a great time saver. In this post, I discuss, how you can build a REST API using Node.js and HarperDB Cloud. The thing I like about HarperDB is how it supports both SQL and NoSQL queries as well as some advanced features like adding timestamps automatically and hashing unique ids in a consistent way across all data tables and schemas.

⚡️How to integrate a Google Sign-in Provider in a React Native app
Google’s sign-in provider is a convenient way to allow users to register and log in in a React Native app. It can provide a familiar onboarding experience to the user and can act as a single source of authentication. In this post, we implement a basic Google Sign functionality.

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