Using styled-components library in React Native apps (2020 edition)

👋 Hi Dev,

This week I managed to publish a post on how to use Styled Components (v5) in React Native apps.

Styling an application is an important aspect of development. Managing styles could lead to better code readability. In React Native apps, the styling of components is done with the default method ofStyleSheet API. However, the CSS-in-JS approach using styled-components is another way to create and style UI components in React Native apps.

💅 The following are covered in this post:
✅ Installing & using styled-components
✅ How to use props with styled-components when creating custom components
✅ Build a user interface from scratch including online avatar indicator, images, using " position" property, textinput, scrollview and so on.

👉 Here is the link to the complete post.

Happy Coding!

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